Everyone Is In On It! The Illuminati

Everyone Is In On It! The Illuminati

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Yasmine Metayer By yasminemetayer101 Updated 15 hours ago

The Illuminati controls everything. The Illuminati is a very wicked industry (aka. the Occult) that uses Satan and demons to give them power. The government, the music industry, everything is in their hands. Nothing or no one can be famous and given other riches unless they join it too. In this expose book, there will be parts.

Part 1- Singers/Rappers/Song Writers Exposed 

Part 2-

or this whole entire video could be a pure coincidence? i don't really know.
VirtualPhun VirtualPhun Oct 22
Kanye West?
                              Ok. I believe this one, I don't even need to see what evidences you present lol 😂
sanmariano sanmariano Sep 14
Most of that imagery is very difficult to see, especially for the casual video watcher. If they are trying to spread a message, why make it so obscure?
vickky577 vickky577 Oct 10
I knew a long while ago that there is something sinister about most of those songs. Because it often keep some lasting beat in my skull that i couldn't just delete off. But now dear, I don't near them anymore, really don't like something ruling my mind.....
Ummm . . . You certainly opened my eyes, this used to be one of my favorite songs 'key word'USED TO BE!!
okay. this sounds ridiculous tbh, i dont even know how to feel about this -