Hate Line

Hate Line

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❝Hilarious. Tragic. All you could want in a short story.❞ - @GeolaReader, author of ❛Anger Management❜.

❝More lit than the Human Torch. . . . Guaranteed to make you cry, sigh, and want to die at the same time!❞ - @lets-defeat-the-huns, author of ❛Milkboy❜.

❝Divinely written, compelling with a mixture of self-deprecating humor.❞ - @SarahAttheDisco168, author of ❛Live With And Be With The Bad Boy❜.

❝Hate Line slayed my entire existence.❞ - @colloidal, author of ❛Flirtline Bling❜.


[Book #1 in the Life Lines trilogy]

 ❝Hello there! You are now calling Hate Line, the go-to station to vent all your anger. How may I---❞

❝Er, hello, yeah. I'm Alanis and there's this one girl at my school, she's like a total ratchet. I mean, she definitely needs to rub some holy water on her hoo-ha. . . . Like, she hooks up with 5 men in a single week?! God, that's even worse than Lana Del Rey's standards!❞

❝Um, if I may know this girl you're ranting about . . . ❞

❝Megan Johanis: The biggest slut in Winterborough High.❞

Little did Alanis know that the person on the other side of the line was indeed Megan herself.  


In which a Hate Line worker embarks on a marathon of quirky, dramatic conversations with her two most loyal callers: Alanis Hank, the two-faced baboon, and Declan Skyes, a rather shy guy with his own first world problems.


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