Poems from the Heart.

Poems from the Heart.

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Generic McName By belle_limbsky Updated May 21, 2011

The tears have been long gone 
Since the page was torn apart
I don't need the paper now
I know my poems by heart

The poems are my life for now
Now, then, and forever
These are the deepest depths of my heart
Much heavier than a feather

The life of me will be in this story
If you would so kindly read every page
I have told you feeling and feeling
I have let my heart out of it's cage

belle_limbsky belle_limbsky Apr 13, 2011
@layger Thankyou. :) I'm sure your poetry is great! Just don't give up! :)
layger layger Apr 04, 2011
Wow! This is amazing!!!
                              Haha I envy u cuz I'm terrible at poems! :)
peanutin peanutin Mar 09, 2011
650 reads! :D
                              (I got 700 something on Invader ReRe!)
                              I hope people still read these poems...
belle_limbsky belle_limbsky Feb 02, 2011
:D dude, that would be so cool! :D THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR GETTIN ME 100 VOTES! :D :D :D :D :D :D
                              @chairsniffa  @chairsniffa  @chairsniffa @chairsniffa @chairsniffa 
chairsniffa chairsniffa Jan 31, 2011
I am gonna get ya to 100 votes! I like this poem alot! If I had written a poem like this when I was younger I would be able to read it and get transported back in time to when I was your age!!!!