Dante Cornellius

Dante Cornellius

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"I will never love you. I will never forgive you and never in my life will I let you touch me again!" I snapped. His face had whipped to the side due to the force of my slap. He turned his face back to me and rubbed his cheek before letting his hand fall limp by his side. 

"You don't mean it." He said, calmly. Too calmly.

 "I do. I'm leaving." I walked towards the door but was stopped as two strong arms wrapped around me. Turning my face towards his, he let out a low growl. "You don't mean it." He said again. This time a low growl followed his each word. His arms around me tightened and I felt an unwanted pleasure unfurl in my belly at our closeness. "You're mine. Whether you want it or not. My wolf recognizes you as his. From the time you opened your eyes in this world, you were mine. Leaving is not an option. "

Oh no!

I whimpered trying to think of anything except his hands on me but failed.

"Your body already belongs to me." He said with his lips pressed against my ears and I shuddered before falling limp in his hold.

Oh, no.

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- - Sep 10, 2016
I Love it so far💖💖💖💖💜💕💜💛💚💗💘💝💘💘💕💛💖
Enticednell Enticednell Oct 18, 2016
@Keltz003 No, I'm not offended. I tend to come off a little strong. I 'm sorry, I'm learning to be more softer.
TheGirlInRedKurti TheGirlInRedKurti Dec 02, 2016
I love the first chapter! It's so different from the werewolf stories I've read so far... loving it already!
Keltz003 Keltz003 Oct 10, 2016
Is this book related 2 Alpha's daughter....
                              I mean d 1 dat talks abt d girl being mated 2 d 1st werewolf #d wolf datz always watching her.....
                              I've 4gotten d name of d novel b4 dis 1 Buh I knw dat the Alpha's daughter is d 1st of dis series