BLOOD Is All I Need

BLOOD Is All I Need

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Yuiyashu By Yuiyashu Completed

A vampire.
A human.
In one mansion or should I say....castle.

A girl with curiousity that led her to a violent but sweet vampire.

Human's are containers of blood for him...but will it change while she take longer in his castle?

What will happen to the poor girl?

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dontevenknow25 dontevenknow25 20 hours ago
Wait, chained up=vixx and chains+bed= aggressive sex/rape all equals to vixx's sex dungeon?
Taeri_taeri Taeri_taeri Oct 07
U just...met her..2 seconds ago...and u dont...even...know her name
dontevenknow25 dontevenknow25 20 hours ago
Don't you just love it when guys caress you lips with their necks
Who said I was his? This boy oml what if I had a boyfriend. HE IS BREAKING SO MANY RULES MY GAWD
leJINdary- leJINdary- Sep 26
it’s probably very comfortable bed , so ofc she will look tempted to sleep on it!
VanessaLOL3 VanessaLOL3 Sep 30
? I don't think thats what she meant. She is mind controlled right?