BLOOD Is All I Need

BLOOD Is All I Need

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Yuiyashu By Yuiyashu Completed

A vampire.
A human.
In one mansion or should I say....castle.

A girl with curiousity that led her to a violent but sweet vampire.

Human's are containers of blood for him...but will it change while she take longer in his castle?

What will happen to the poor girl?

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BTS_4_Days BTS_4_Days Feb 12
Let me guess did the door creek open too like in the horror movies.
Bruh I’m at church, my mind is to dirty for this I can’t
I read the first two words and realized how dirty minded I was. Oh wait I already knew (((;
BTS_Dolanz BTS_Dolanz Jan 27
Is ur momma with the CHANCLA cuz she 'bout to whoop some one for walking into a random castle in the middle of no were
                              Again idk what i'm doing
BTS_Dolanz BTS_Dolanz Jan 27
I'm 12 and my spirit describes me as a 3-5 year old😀😀👌😂
Isa_Angelova Isa_Angelova Dec 28, 2017
this was so random, I mean i clearly see a person in the street and say he's 56 year and 5 months older than me . chesus