The End is Nine

The End is Nine

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_thatwriter_ By _thatwriter_ Updated Nov 04, 2017

-Sequel to Apocalyptic-

"It's been a while...a really long while." 
Atlanta was the safest place as far as Merida, Hiccup, Jack, Rapunzel, Jim and Emma knew of. It took countless months to travel to this place, losing loved ones and friends along the way. The city of Atlanta was a buzzing haven of infected free citizens and behind the scenes vaccine testing was taking place to finally bring immunity to the survivors of the world. 

It was a shame that there were power hungry rebels willing to do whatever it took to posses the cure. 

Join the gang on their next thrilling adventure in the apocalyptic world they live in as they encounter threats greater than the flesh-eating infected, new allies and several unexpected surprises along the way. 

"This is the end, and the end is nine." 
Characters belong to Disney/Pixar and Dreamworks

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xLifescape_0709x xLifescape_0709x Aug 24, 2016
I'm agsjdhskd literally agdkshskd choking akdhslhds on feels agskshsls.
xLifescape_0709x xLifescape_0709x Aug 24, 2016
Thanks for the mericcup, I had a bad day, I needed that, update soon! This was amazing as usual!
anthony445 anthony445 Aug 23, 2016
oh my god the song was perfect and the chapter was a beautiful work of art
AlexiaTheBookDragon AlexiaTheBookDragon Aug 21, 2016
This is AMAZING!!!! I loved all the different characters you brought in!
xLifescape_0709x xLifescape_0709x Aug 21, 2016
Oh yeah one more thing, what does 'The end is nine' mean? Like nine people? Nine years? Nine deaths!? ANSWER ME WOMAN. CURIOSITY'S KILLIN MEH.
xLifescape_0709x xLifescape_0709x Aug 21, 2016
OH MY GOD YOU TOOK MY IDEA I'M SO HAPPY!!! Could you add a little bit more Mericcup drama? And fluff? And whatever but Mericcup? It's just that I felt like the last story had much more Jackunzel than Mericcup so... Pretty pretty please? I'm excited to know how's this gonna go! Update soon!