Truth or Dare!

Truth or Dare!

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⚜️Rexter•is•back⚜️ By EverAfterHighLove Updated Mar 04

Ever wonder what it is like to play Truth or Dare with the Eah characters? 

Well, you have came across the right book ;)

Ask T or D to your least and most favorite character and see them suffer *evil laughs* 

And if they don't *loads shotgun* hehe....

Warning: Weird-ness overload (◐‿◑)

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Thx for reading this book. LOVE YOU ALLLLLLL!!!! MWAH!!!! <3 

Now grab some popcorn and sit back and relax and read! (⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎)

(I do not own EverAfterHigh or its character)

T or D book S H I N Copyright 

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loveflower144 loveflower144 Dec 30, 2016
I dare raven to tell apple that the storybook of legends is gone forever
LyzaPotXXX LyzaPotXXX Sep 10, 2016
And i also dare to kiss apple to rosabella 
                              (Sorry rosabella and sorry to you if u hate dapple😪
LyzaPotXXX LyzaPotXXX Sep 10, 2016
I dare Apple To leave everafterhigh never return and without missing someone
fairytalelovinggirl fairytalelovinggirl Aug 21, 2016
And I dare briar to tell daring that she had liked him from the moment they met and than VERY passionetly kiss him,  oh,  and she can tell no one that it's a dare ((the drama 🌚🌚))
fairytalelovinggirl fairytalelovinggirl Aug 21, 2016
I dare Alistair to tell Holly everything he likes about Holly in a romantic way and than kiss her passionately ((sorry bunny 🌚))
I dare apple to throw her dress in mud and wash it in toilet water. And raven gets to watch while eating salted caramel her favorite food. Sorry not sorry appke