Be my bad boy

Be my bad boy

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Truthfully_Insane By RealityStrikes321 Updated Nov 19

Natsu and Gray are the new kids in town. And when Natsu's eyes laid on the one and only Lucy Heartfilia something just clicked. But he ruined his chances with her on the FIRST day when he groped her. 

Yes I said groped .Man this boy has some nerves. Well he does get a punishment from Makerov assigned by the one and only Erza  

{Rights to Hiro Mashima}

Looking good so far I can't wait to continue reading it when I get back from school!
I would be like heres my phone so u can text her cause thats the oldest trick the book to get a girls number lol same for girls
I like worm's like on of my favorite foods. NO I'M NOT A WEEB! MY MOM USED TO LIVE IN JAPAN SO I LIKE SOME JAPANESE FOOD!
Strawberry's r delicious dont mind me just bein weird and amazing
I wouldn't be suprised if he pulled a bag of popcorn out or something
gray, I'm enjoying this WAYYTYY more then you are,  BELIVE ME