~Truth or Dare~ (starring the BBS crew)

~Truth or Dare~ (starring the BBS crew)

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Sin By OwlArtiestJay Updated Oct 21, 2016


Frisk art by: Me

Ah.. The game of truth or dare, only this time its up to you reader to dare these darlings! You can have them do a dirty little dare~ or a sweet little truth! Your choice reader! Chose your choice!

I dare Evan (Vanoss) to give Jonathan (Delirious) a lap dance~~
_H20Vanoss_ _H20Vanoss_ Aug 24, 2016
Is there a hidden camera in Jonathan or Evan's bedroom? You know where this going, lol
xX_kratas_Xx xX_kratas_Xx Aug 21, 2016
What did the guys think of suicide squad? And who's there favorite character?
Foxy_and_Athena Foxy_and_Athena Aug 22, 2016
*rolls in majestically* I dare Mini to kiss Wildcats nose. *rolls away majestically*
ChaoticDeshawott ChaoticDeshawott Nov 12, 2016
That picture up there, when I saw it I was like:
                              Me: Oh you can see Evan at a good angle here…DOES EVAN GOT DAT BOOTY?!
                              *looks at picture*
                              Me: HE DOO!!!
                              Friend: OH SHIZ
                              Me: SWIGGTY SWOOTY ME AND DEL COMING FOR DAT BOOTY!!!!
H20gaming H20gaming Oct 31, 2016
Evan is bottom!!! He won't admit it, but he's bottom to my ship!!! XD