Texting - dylmas

Texting - dylmas

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A story where Thomas gets a random text from a random person.

Thomas Brodie-Sangster isn't famous in this book, he just works at a small café. But Dylan is still famous okay? Okay. Just so you know.

Please do not copy my works, pm me if you have any questions. And please don't comment things like "you've copied this story blablabla" because I haven't copied anyone so if there are similar books then it's a coincidence. Thank you. 

Maybe a little bit swearing
Cuteness overload maybe?
This is seriously just fluff and cute and funny so idk haha

I do not write smut, sorry


I don't own the characters, they're all real persons


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yassss this is my favorite dylmas story im reading it againnn
ceceisntcool ceceisntcool Dec 19, 2017
see how he is now interested in him 
                              bECAUSE HES A DUDE 
                              i’ll go home
Random'un anlamı şöyle değil mi ya? Hani mesela sxjxcjsksm yaparız? LAN NİYE BOŞ KONUŞUYORUM Kİ ANLAMIYOR BENİ!
Ülkemizdeki Dylmas hayran kurgusu kıtlığından yabancılarınkini okuyorum :D Hello! I'm Turkish! (Böyle mi yazılıyordu?)
MushiMushi1 MushiMushi1 Dec 16, 2016
Okay I know the photo was about him but if you take out Dylan it's a really nice picture like to the sky from the rock to the sea it's gorgeous
- - Oct 12, 2016
This reminds me of an episode in Girl Meets World, where Smackle tells Lucas,"Who's the creepy creep creep now?"