Tattoo || Joshler

Tattoo || Joshler

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Jay❤︎ By celmatesakiller Completed

Josh, a purple haired boy, just moved into college. His roommate? A bit on the weird side. Josh still felt something different with him, though, that he never felt with anyone else. 

There was one thing that he wanted to know, though. About his roommates tattoos.

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Edit: As of June 16, this book has been edited

Cliquefam15 Cliquefam15 Aug 17
How pathetic, I'm laughing in front of a screen instead of laughing with a friend 
                              I need a life
                              Nah I'm good
GayShips_Eyeliner GayShips_Eyeliner 2 days ago
Of course he doesn't know that Josh existed. Josh isn't real. Duh. 
                              I'll leave
                              And close the goddamn door on the way out