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ㅤ By COPKOOK Updated 7 days ago

little oneshots of bts ships.


ByunLuMinsk ByunLuMinsk Sep 05, 2016
it feels like a day that it took me to read this i keep going back and forth
                              this was amazing! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
ByunLuMinsk ByunLuMinsk Aug 29, 2016
Yoongi x Taehyung idk everyone puts au but idk what that means LOL
                              in which taehyung tries to stop yoongi from suicide and is met with the consequences of yoongi's death
ArchangelAceX ArchangelAceX Aug 30, 2016
Minjoon (Namjoon x Jimin) Angel AU in which Jimin crashes down on earth where Namjoon was coincidentally watching shooting stars. (Like Namjoon was stargazing and suddenly sees one 'star' fall to earth which is Jimin)
aesthetictoast aesthetictoast Sep 02, 2016
I need more suga and rapmon in my life. how bout a soulmate au where they have a tattoo of the first phrase they say to them
VKOOKs_Main_Hoe VKOOKs_Main_Hoe Aug 27, 2016
Hmmm, yoonjin(Yoongi X seokjin) sweet marriage AU. It's super rare and would be nice to see more of this adorable ship <3
eucalyptae eucalyptae Sep 24, 2016
this was sooooo gooodododododod.
                              but um... can ya do vmin please? i'd really appreciate it if you did.