Saving Him

Saving Him

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ClariceGrimes By ClariceGrimes Updated May 15, 2017

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It was weak and held no demand. Irritation, filled me giving some strength to continue looking a those eyes defiantly, but i could not move. If i tried i might run right into those warm safe arms that beckoned me. This was all wrong though. He must be casting some spell, or power over me. I've never flocked over anyone before. Here this total stranger stood, making my body tremble with sexual need. 

"Is that really what you want?" 

His eyes looked at me, with dark humor. He knew what effect he was having on me. His nose seemed to flare when my fluttering grew, and that smirk did too. 

"Yes." I said. My body screamed 'no'.


Elizabeth is just trying to pay rent, but her past keeps on huanting her. What happens when some bad guys come for her? Will they kill her for her sharp tongue and bad attitude, or let her live with the horrible mess they leave her life in? 
   All hopes seems lost till she bumps heads with the possessive vampire that in exchange of saving her from imprisonment gives her another life b ut to Elizabeth it's just another cage. 
   Read to find out how she fights through these struggles in the world of supernatural, and fight tooth and nail with the one that she will have to save. 

( Recommend 18+) I will make special chapter's for those that don't want to read the graphic chapters.

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hayliekat hayliekat May 10, 2017
let me tell you I have read easily over 1500 books this beginning was one of my favorite I had 7 now I have 8
Felix92 Felix92 Jul 21, 2017
Instead of ''flashes from nightmares came showed...' try 'glimpses of disturbing features were revealed, like the stuff out of nightmares, sharp pointed teeth, pitch black eyes and ghostly pale skin?'
Tipeka Tipeka Aug 28, 2017
Wow, I have a clear picture in my mind... great description, love your writing skills!
Nadezhdah Nadezhdah Aug 03, 2017
Really well done, I love your wording. There's a few grammatical errors but nothing unreadable. So far my favorite starting chapter of anything I've read on wattpad, and I've been here for two years I believe.
BlackestNightmare BlackestNightmare Apr 23, 2017
Automatically thinks of Night Terrors 
                              And the man that sits at the end of you bed ready to kill you when you're most vulnerable..
Stars_and_coffee Stars_and_coffee May 16, 2017
I love your writing style. It makes everything more engaging.