The Phantom's Son

The Phantom's Son

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Read Book One And Two Or You're Gonna Be Lost!

The twins are all grown up and as you know Summer and Autumn are both eighteen full aged and soon to be full adults. Selma, Selena, and Solana stay living for eternity. Summer the oldest is basically the one who isn't sassy much, Autumn basically gets all of the boys is the bad/naughty twin but summer is innocent/angel type of twin. The twins bought an apartment to share with for a while until one moves out, so one night Summer was getting up for some water until she seen this blue/gray shadowy figure like. He looked at her and she just tried to hurry up and get her water until he stopped her. Fear went all up into her eyes and he placed the water down then summer leaned back to the wall as he touched then admired her face. "You are beautiful." the shadow says. Summer was still scared and he kissed her cheek. The kiss felt cold. He touched all over her body and whispered. "I am your friend, I came to protect and help you." Which Summer thought was true but he was lying. That was Almidus's son, Almidus is the king of phantoms but gave all of his power to his son Aaron. Autumn was concerned and worried that her sister was acting strange and was started to be the opposite of herself. So Autumn goes to Selma, and the other two. Autumn can see him too but she acts like she doesn't. Autumn gives description and Selma knew who it was. When they tried to go find her sister, she had already disappeared. So now they are on a search for Summer and hopefully can get her back also defeat Aaron with the help of Selma, Selena, and Solana. This phantom has much more abilities than the rest of them. Basically his whole figure isn't shadowy much its much more obvious and he can be seen blurry and much more clear like ghost like and much more.

What Will Happen Onto This Journey?

Answers Will Be Solved?

Things Done In The Dark?

What Does This Powerful Phantom Has Up His Sleeve?

Read To Find Out.

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