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Subject 01224

Subject 01224

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Inactive By LynnHunter13 Updated Feb 26

That name alone was enough to send shivers down anyone's spine.
One of the legendary sannin. One of the most powerful shinobi in the world. 
And then he defected. He was found using his comrades as human test subjects, and that was unforgivable. But that sure as hell didn't stop him. He wanted more than knowledge, he wanted immortality. And for that he'd need a vessel.
So he continued to take unsuspecting innocents, using them as experiments. 
They all had one thing in common. A wish for death. Rescue, after all, was impossible. 
Until the day a group of Konohagakure ANBU raided Orochimaru's hideout.
The snake himself had fled, but in the process he had left a little girl who just happened to be one of his most prized possessions.
A little girl with pink hair, green eyes, and trauma rooted deeper than anyone had ever expected.
And her name was Haruno Sakura.

*I do NOT own Naruto. All rights go to Kishimoto.
*This is an AU where Sakura was taken by Orochimaru as a child and was used as a test subject before she was rescued.
*Cover made by @lolaDawn and @its-amani-kin!

LadyIzumiWrites LadyIzumiWrites Oct 16, 2016
No, if was sad, sad as f'ck. You're writing is so great. I cri 😭😭
101cupcakelover 101cupcakelover Oct 16, 2016
No! Don't Listen to that 4 eyes..
                              Or was it  6 eyes? 
                              Eeh,  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
                              JUST DON'T LISTEN TO HIM!!
doomslate doomslate Aug 31, 2016
What! That's it! And I'm already hooked! You know no bounds!!! Really! One chapter and ima hyped for more!!! Good luck with future updates!!!!!
LadyIzumiWrites LadyIzumiWrites Oct 16, 2016
                              *throws confetti and Tonton at your face*
101cupcakelover 101cupcakelover Oct 16, 2016
I just stare blankly at the person. Yep, I definetly know how to make things akward
101cupcakelover 101cupcakelover Oct 16, 2016
I remember that...😨 it was disgusting and disturbing 😵😱