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🦋 By -Prince_Lance- Updated Feb 08

Totally not a AU of Mystreet only filled with gayness!
Just kidding, it totally is!
This will be written in a script form, like a episode script...
*day dreams* so that someday a roleplayer youtuber or even a animator will notice it and make my dreams true! 

Of course that will probobly never happen so why bother..? 
Anyway, let's get on with the rest of this so we can stop the chatter!

This book is extremly gay! It also has extreme stupid and adult humor!
So, by the looks of wattpad's audience, 
Young ones look at your own risk! 

Now if you have read this far, which you probobly haven't, congrats! You have educated yourself on what mess your getting yourself into!
But guess what?
There's no way out so sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

get rekt, blue-head. Vincent be gettin' all the feathers! ( 😂) -I'm sorry I had to 😂
*Starts coughing hard and coughs up a little blood* I call THAT bullsh*t! Aj IS the best pony!
IM excited. I mean, im totally NOT a pans or anything. *Starts laughing manically*
                              Friend: She is.
                              Me: Oh come on!
Hahahahahahahahahah! Already starting off strong. Whoa! That was pretty good though, I ain't gonna lie.
0TrAsHy0 0TrAsHy0 Mar 13
When you don't realize that everyone is going to be gay and not your favorite o-o
I say Pinkie Pie is the best! I can totally relate. I love baking, sweets, and just going crazy in general.