Room Mated with a Bad Boy [Eren x Bad Boy! Levi]

Room Mated with a Bad Boy [Eren x Bad Boy! Levi]

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Eren was your average goody two shoes student who has never committed any wrong doings. Not once has he lied to his parents that he did something nor did he ever get into an actual fist-fight. He never got a B or lower on any graded papers and never did he sneak out during the weekends to go off to some Highschool party. So he is a goody two shoes. 

     Eren is off to college and gets a roommate. However, this roommate is the complete opposite from him. He has lied about the stuff that he did, he has gotten into a total of about 29 fights, he has gotten Fs and Ds on his papers, and he snuck off to parties. What is he to do when he is...

              "Room mated with a bad boy?"

madddimae madddimae Aug 21, 2016
I love this book so much.
                              I don't care if it's the first chapter.
                              I love it ^~^
madddimae madddimae Aug 21, 2016
Oh hush up. You're about to be in love with Levi in about 5 seconds -.- XD
whoevenknowshonestly whoevenknowshonestly Oct 05, 2016
You see, that's just what I said. But you can't run from the gay. The gay will find you.
StarlynnYaoiLover StarlynnYaoiLover Dec 21, 2016
People call me that all the time but really I'm the opposite 😚