Hostile CreepyPasta {CreepyPasta X Reader} {Completed} [Book 1]

Hostile CreepyPasta {CreepyPasta X Reader} {Completed} [Book 1]

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★«ρυffу ¢яєαм»★ By SmileToHidePain Completed

What if there was a whole new CreepyPasta and they are hostile, very hostile.
Killing no stop until they are tire.
Y/n L/n was one of them....what happen when she and the other Hostile CreepyPasta meets The CreepyPasta, killers of the night.
What happen when she fall in love with them.

C/n: CreepyPasta Name

Hostile CreepyPasta: C/n aka Y/n, Lunatic aka Luna, Doll Lock aka Doll, Darken Moon aka Moon, Sun Die aka Jamie, Storm Kill aka Storm, Bloody Eyes aka Blake

Hostile CreepyPasta [Book 1] [Completed] [Editing]
Meet The Silent CreepyPasta [Book 2] [On Going]
Say Hello To The Shadow CreepyPasta [Book 3] [Waiting]

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Esorth Esorth Nov 03
First name:Evaria
                              Last name:Vero
                              CP name:Shadow Reaper
                              Phrase:Your on my list,now stay quiet and let me mark you.
CP: Lumière of Lies
                              Y/N: Lizzie (Elizabeth)
                              L/N: Anderson 
                              Phrase: “Today is where your lies, become the truth!”
First name: Destiny
                              Last name: Taunya
                              CP: Deathcalls
                              Catchphrase: ring, ring do you here. It's the sound of death calling out to you. So let me do you a favor and help you to be one your way.
Lobit8367 Lobit8367 Nov 09
It’s funny because my c/n is dark star
                              And I find dark moon
LexiAdison LexiAdison Nov 13
Wrong it’s:
                              “Here in the forest deep and dark. I offer you eternal sleep.”
CP = FrostByte
                              Y/N = Brittany
                              L/N = Paine
                              Phase (Because it doesn't fit my name): "Your death awaits" or "1 2 FrostByte's coming after you, 3 4 better lock your door"