Hostile CreepyPasta {CreepyPasta X Reader}

Hostile CreepyPasta {CreepyPasta X Reader}

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Luna Fukumitsu By SmileToHidePain Updated Nov 19

What if there was a whole new CreepyPasta and they are hostile, very hostile.
Killing no stop until they are tire.
Y/n L/n was one of them....what happen when she and the other Hostile CreepyPasta meets The CreepyPasta, killers of the night.
What happen when she fall in love with them.

C/n: CreepyPasta Name

Hostile CreepyPasta: C/n aka Y/n, Lunatic aka Luna, Doll Lock aka Doll, Darken Moon aka Moon, Sun Die aka Jamie, Storm Kill aka Storm, Bloody Eyes aka Blake

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