Watching You

Watching You

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I looked at him. I watched as his muscles tensed under the hot water, they were bags under his beautiful hazelnut eyes but he didn't look tired, stressed at least. I watched as the water slowly itched its way down his god built body, my erection throbbing. My hands snaked my pants down causing me to gasp and my tip caught in my boxers, I shivered. 

 His body tensed and relaxed multiple times, each time the water not appearing as much as it did when I first started watching him. I palmed myself slowly, wanting to savor the moment. Savor him. My hand wrapped around my cock and pumped. A million thoughts ran through my mind as I got closer and closer. 

I came, my body shivering and my thighs trembling as cum bubbled out my now flaccid dick. 

One last thought ran through my mind before I passed out. 

What, am I doing?

his_pink_kitten his_pink_kitten Aug 21, 2016
That was AMAZING! Iove it, and I can't wait to read more of their journey! Xx