Close My Eyes  ~A Blue Exorcist Rin x Reader~

Close My Eyes ~A Blue Exorcist Rin x Reader~

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Death The Kid's Wifu <3 By MidnightWolfiea Updated an hour ago

So this is a story about my life and how it all took a right turn. I was born into a demon family. Wanting to go to heaven to be with the good people and angels. But there is one problem...
I can't... I am a demon which excludes me from that. I tried all my life to escape this hell and escape to heaven. Finally I made it. But it comes with a cost. The world that lies between heaven and hell. Earth. I have to go to this Academy called True Cross. I have to complete all the challenges of being an exorcist and truly changing who I am to prove to the angels that I have changed. On the way I meet a lot good people that I can't reveal my secret to. But this boy... Changed everything...

SinonH SinonH Nov 14
Don't be sorry this story is awsome ! From author to author!☺