The Royal Servant

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Nessa By XxLochNessMonsterxX Updated 4 years ago
Action, Romance, Betrayal... Follow Portia, the daughter of King Carliso, who has been sent to marry Prince John - the heir to the biggest Empire across the globe. There is only one problem, she has no desire to marry a man she has never met, so in a snap decision she decides to swap places with her servant Penny. What follows is a series of events that will change Portia and those around her forever. 
    Read a story about love, war and the inevitable path about discovering yourself.
Hehe, My names Portia and my dads name is John, I gotta read this
This seems like my kind of story(: I hope you continue writing. I'll be reading and voting!
I really loved the way you were repeating 'I was to be married'. It seemed almost poetic, and it really improved the aesthetic of the writing. Great job, i can't wait to read more!
Awesome:D I love it, please continue it:) and after reading the comments, imma check out your other stories.
@XxLochNessMonsterxX haha its okay!! i kindof like historical lol so you got a fan!!! and i so want to know why tom was ahot in TWH it no sense knowing who shot him if not why!!!!! ness ols ill give you anything you want!!!!!!
ness another story really??? haha you never get time for us!!!! i feel bad!!! lol but apart from my complaining...its really good i love it the stories already complete you can continue writing it :)