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Abigail- The Golden Glow- Novel One (COMPLETED)

Abigail- The Golden Glow- Novel One (COMPLETED)

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Joanne Martin By JoanneMartin2015 Completed

Set in 1890 this book is based in Geelong and Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and is the first novel in a series of four (completed, more planned!)
Abigail is an orphan who belongs to no one and is alone in the world. Being forced to leave the Scottish orphanage which has been the only home she's known on the day of her fifteenth birthday to go into service as a maid, a mysterious box arrives at the orphanage that changes the path of her future. She is thrown into a world that she cannot comprehend nor is prepared for. This sends her on a journey half way around the world to Australia where she is forced to create the life she wants despite societies expectations of her. Abigail has the ability to see golden auras around people who become important to her in someway however has no understanding as to what they mean, only knowing that the people she sees with them become and integral part of her life. She struggles to make a new life in a new country while creating her own family by surrounding herself with people who love her, no one more than her effeminate chef who struggles in a land full of rugged and tough men in a sometimes harsh land where differences are not accepted. It is revealed to her through an unlikely source that the auras she sees around certain people mean that she knew and loved them in a past life, although Abigail has no memory of ever living before. It is up to her to work out the true meaning of the golden glow and how it has and will impact on her life. Abigail experiences great love, tragedy, triumph and despair, experiencing world events that still impact on us today! One event will change the path of her life forever which she could never have imagined despite the strange things that occur to her throughout her life. 
Watch the changes from 1890 through to the swinging sixties decade by decade as Abigail finds her way in a life that is completely unexpected. Researched and historically accurate.

- - Nov 04, 2016
I hate this woman she is clearly trying to talk her out of it. If there is something for abigail by visiting her lawyer obvi. She might have good life. But this sister is sooo jealous and has some hidden agenda as she is trying sooooo hard to brain wash her. 😠😠
LilaRose94 LilaRose94 Sep 23, 2016
Wow....great start, so descriptive and enjoyable, this isn't a genre I'd normally read but your synopsis drew me in. 
                              It's a really looong chapter, lol. so just a suggestion you may want to keep your word count down to around 2,000 ish words per chapter, but a very captivating start. 😀
Jenniferjennifer11 Jenniferjennifer11 Sep 10, 2016
Beautifully paced and solid writing- can't wait to read the rest !
- - Sep 26, 2016
@WinterWolf561 try this one. It's historical Romance. Might like it. 😍
AnkhGoddess AnkhGoddess Oct 24, 2016
                              This is a pretty interesting story. I'm enjoying it so far. You have nice descriptions and everything flows. However I feel that the opening was a bit slow when you went into Abigail's life at the orphanage.
NicoleBalfour NicoleBalfour Nov 14, 2016
The story so far has got me very captivated-  I love the character Abigail and her will-power, Can't wait to read the next chapter!   and maybe find out if there is a reason behind the nun being so nasty  towards her or if it that's just her personality  😀