Supernatural Smut

Supernatural Smut

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Eliza Hale By TheHalePack Completed

For anyone who loves some Winchester (or Cas) smut! There will also be a few fluff stories because why the hell not. I only write for Team Freewill. Please enjoy!

Warning: Rated R. Intense sex scenes inside. Must be 18+ to view content.

(Cover made by ItsMeBethanyT)

(Book 1)

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twohesghxsts twohesghxsts Nov 10, 2016
When encuentras smut de supernatural but te das cuenta que esta en ingles :'v porque me odias diosito 😭😭😭
JackiCraig JackiCraig Nov 28, 2016
Killing Dean Winchester doesn't make him dead. It only makes him angry.
miss1dlover12 miss1dlover12 Feb 28, 2017
True af I have lost count on how many times you have died and came back dean