Rule Me School Me: A Complex Creatures Story (BoyxBoy)

Rule Me School Me: A Complex Creatures Story (BoyxBoy)

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Rika Dew By RikaDew Updated Feb 20

Meet Huang Bao Zheng, the youngest professor to teach at Shenzhen University. After a tragic accident took the life of his best friend, Tan Zhi, he has never been the same. Now a divorcee and hermit, his world is turned upside down when Hou Qing Hua, a rich playboy and doppleganger to Tan Zhi enters his history class and demands private lessons. His heart and mind are swept away in a game of seduction, secrets, and lies as he scrambles to right old wrongs and learn to believe in love again. Sometimes the best lessons are learned outside of school.

~Men are such complex creatures.
Cover Art Designer and Editor: Regina Dew


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rhycce rhycce Oct 09, 2017
what?? which uni is that??? I was always late.. it was only a matter of how late: from few mins late to kick me out late. But my grades were good enough to keep me from being kicked out of class too much
rhycce rhycce Oct 09, 2017
Lol, why you wanna know Qing Hua? Why you wanna know? Low-key sniffing out intel on our dear young professor
FazzyLouboutin FazzyLouboutin Sep 02, 2017
Hey ya. I just wanna let u know that i love the storyline. Lots of loveeee
Sinique91 Sinique91 Oct 15, 2017
I was always 10-15 minutes early but it wasn’t to talk to friends...I was playing games on my phone or reading fanfics, lol.
JoyceUsero JoyceUsero Aug 31, 2017
Is this an English translation of a Chinese bl novel?  If it is, whose the writer? How many chapters in total? Or this is only fanfic?