We, The Crystal Gems [Steven Universe x Gem!Reader]

We, The Crystal Gems [Steven Universe x Gem!Reader]

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Just A Fellow Sinner By ded_atm Updated Apr 08


After the Great Gem War, the Homeworld gems fled Earth, leaving all the weapons, and gems behind, corrupted or not; including you. This... Enraged you. Why would they leave a capable gem behind? You served the Diamonds with the upmost loyalty you had. So why? Even if they forgot, it still made you angry and betrayed. Alas, you learned to let go, as it was pointless to try to escape the planet, called Earth. Did the residents residing here know that their planet was named after a pile of dirt? 

Adapting to this strange, green planet, you resided in Beach City. There you were an employee of Big Donut, which kept you busy. Everyone around you thought you were human, since they populated the Earth. To keep trouble at bay, you went along with it. No one needed to know, so no one did. If anyone knew, they would probably send you to the government, something you weren't optimisitic about. After being on this planet for many years, you realised they were all cowards with selfish desires, and if they were scared and unsure about something, they would eliminate the problem. Humans, you sighed.

Living the simple, normal life - a human life, you called it, was an easy task. They lived simplistic, short, pointess lives, something far too easy for you to stress about. Well, that was until a certain humaniod gem came along. They were curious, friendly, and even a little funny. 

The Steven was very curious, sometimes too curious for his own good. And you didn't appreciate it. Not one bit.

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_Paraga_ _Paraga_ Oct 24
                              AHHHHH MY ONLY FRIEND!!!! POOOFED!
                              i cant take that seriously even when i watched the show
I love your username! I thought that pun was pretty humerus, I guess you could say that it really rattled my bones!
Im some weird creation of a daughter of a lighter amethyst except I'm really short
                              Ok ill leave
                              what? I like daggers. Bismuth refused to make me a dagger though so I was stuck with a sword ;-;
ChildOfNyx ChildOfNyx Aug 09
My weapon is an ever changing weapon  able to change it form to different weapons for different situations
nuggethell nuggethell Jun 24
something fast with high damage rate, perhaps a double edged axe