Girl Meets Social Media- New Girl

Girl Meets Social Media- New Girl

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♕Jacque♕ By Liiilac Updated 18 hours ago

Just had a serious sit down talk with one of my (now) best friends. Keep your friends close. Especially the ones that you know will last forever...☆ You know who I'm talking about... Love you!! 

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@SmileyRiley who?





The gang? In college. 

Rucas? Endgame

Joshaya? Endgame

Smarckle: Done... (Sorry, it's my book and you would understand later. Just finish this summary!)

Zaydora? Idk *shrug* *lies about the 'idk' cuz I rlly know*

Are they ready to take on the world, full of other friends, other people? Maybe... Maybe not...

What would happen if a new girl came and threw many things of guard? Or opened some eyes. 

Familiar face? To some. 

A regular face? To many. 

The love of his life? To one...

Is that Corey in the background if it is I totally just realized