Sea Deep | feat. Odell Beckham Jr

Sea Deep | feat. Odell Beckham Jr

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21 Year old Nia Taylor was not your average college student. People on the campus of FSU often referred to her as weird or viewed her as a freak. So, it was to no surprise at how shocked everyone on campus was when pictures of Nia and FSU's number one NFL draft prospect, Justice Carter, had images circulating around campus, but not just any images; sexual encounters of the two were plastered all around campus for everyone to see. 

However, things take a u-turn when suddenly Nia's body is discovered on Westmore Falls Beach, dead. Strange things start to happen soon after Nia's funeral. Everyone's questioning their own sanity when strange letters and other things start arriving at their doorsteps. What happens when Nia's friends start piecing together the clues of Nia's death? Things start to unravel and the truth just may be too much for some to handle.

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oh no please don't tell me she's about to.... please no girl.
oh my god!! So she killed herself??? What whyyy? because of that boy? damn that's sad like how do it get to that point where you want to commit suicide, he must have really did her dirty. This story is so great though, I love it.
wow her and her cousin must have been close, I'm like that with my cousins too because I'm the only child and its kinda boring.
But anyway this was so good girl, I really love it ! You're a great writer and i like that is so different. Really wish I could stay up to read it but unfortunately i have school *rolls eyes* tomorrow.
haistarr haistarr Aug 23
and then you think "well maybe I can change the way I want him to feel." as if you were wrong to want what you did. accepting the fact that he doesn't meet your expectations and saying it's because you shouldn't expect at all. 🙄
Bernie Mac ! "I AIN'T SCARED OF YOU MOTHAFUCKERS" 😂😂 i love that stand up he did .