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Assassinate My Heart | HxH | Killua x OC

Assassinate My Heart | HxH | Killua x OC

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Hajime♡ By CoFFeeBeaN28 Updated 4 days ago

♔Hunter x Hunter Watty Awards 2016 Winner♔
  ♔1st Place Winner in the category of Killua Zoldyck on HunterxHunterWA♔
  P l e a s e  d o n ' t  l e a v e  m e
                             Alyssa is a orphan who was abandoned by her beloved parents, being left alone on the streets, she was all alone. Always was, and always will be.
  I ' m  s i c k  o f  k i l l i n g
                            Killua is a killing prodigy and the heir of the infamous Zoldyck family. Living everyday life soaked in blood and murder. He'll always be an assassin.
  I  w a n t  t o  b e  s t r o n g e r
                            Gon is a hunter who is searching for his dad across the world, finding out why his father chose to be a hunter instead being with him. He wanted to be stronger.
  Hideous creatures are crawling throughout the world because of the wicked aprohidisiac that run loose, they are namely called as "Witches".
  Possessing mysterious prowess, they began to attack human beings and ate their flesh to obtain more power.
  They are the humanity's newest foe that is needed to be eliminated quickly, that's when the 13th chairman issued an order for a little girl to kill the Witches, which she agreed with no argument.
  Will 'she' be able to exterminate all of the Witches that run loose across the earth?
  Or will that 'someone' appear and help her in saving the earth?
  Or's time for extinction?
  Join Alyssa in exterminating the Witches along with Gon and Killua!
      Disclamer: I don't own Hunter x Hunter 2011 it belongs to Togashi Yoshihiro, nor the pictures in every chapter, it belongs to their respective owners.
      [This is my original Arc and an imaginative after story of Hunter x Hunter 2011]
      Started: 8/21/2016
      Finished: ???

AQueencxz AQueencxz Dec 31, 2016
Ano.... Author-san, did you make that character or is it from another anime? ♡´・ᴗ・`♡
CielIsMine638399272 CielIsMine638399272 Oct 14, 2016
I'm done with this book. That's my sisters name. Try not to pick a poplar name smh. It's going to be all weird thinking about my sister. Ew.
luckystar000 luckystar000 Aug 25, 2016
ooh~ im exited about the plot in this story O(≧▽≦)O
                              and i cant wait for the romance to start between killua ( ˘ ³˘)♥
HurricaneLLy HurricaneLLy Oct 21, 2016
@CoFFeeBeaN28 Thanks, I also find her adorable, I might start watching black bullet now.
luckystar000 luckystar000 Aug 26, 2016
ooh~ looks like she can control living things 
                              but of course there has to be condition to control them and
                              it might be that she has to know there names 
                              at least thats what i think i might be completely wrong
luckystar000 luckystar000 Aug 26, 2016
i cant wait until she befriends the gang O(≧▽≦)O
                              i hope you update soon author-chan <3