Vobi- You're My Escape ❤️

Vobi- You're My Escape ❤️

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Yoonmin_OTP By Yoonmin_OTP Updated Sep 24, 2016

Vik is a gay 16 year old boy who is struggling to fit in at school. He is bullied day in and day out because of his sexuality, when he finally decides to come out to his father that's when the voices start. He begins hearing voices in his head telling him to harm himself. So Vik's father does what he thinks is best for Vik and sends him away to a mental asylum! Vik thinks his father has sent him away because of his sexuality. Vik's last words to his father are 
"I'll never forgive you, not after this!" 
When Vik is inside he meets a boy around his age who has the same illness he does. His name is Tobi. What will happen when they fall in love?
Will they escape together? 
Or will they be each others escape?
Find out soon!

This book mentions Sexuality, Self Harm, Violence, Swearing and Schizophrenia  so please read at your own risk! Warnings will be at the start of each chapter. 
Cover Credit goes to-:

She is so amazing and I can tell she will be an awesome friend. You can go and check her stories out they are so amazing and I love them a lot!

Once again thanks for all the support!

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sidemen_pentatonix sidemen_pentatonix Aug 27, 2016
Oh woow this is really good but I feel so bad for Vikk! I just want to jump into the story and protect him.
Yoonmin_OTP Yoonmin_OTP Aug 27, 2016
Thanks so much do you like my edit of a bruised and battered Vik on the picture  xxx
musicalavalon musicalavalon Aug 27, 2016
Wtf like really Wtf I'm pissed off my little Vikky is hurting and I can't do anything why you do this
sidemen_pentatonix sidemen_pentatonix Aug 27, 2016
And the story picture worked well and I'm glad you used it! I'm really excited about this book!😊