Mad Hatter [ Suicide Squad ]

Mad Hatter [ Suicide Squad ]

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taylor By braveprinxess Updated Sep 20, 2017

❝Why should I apologise for the monster I have become? No one ever apologised for making me this way.❞

       Arabella Fox was once a Queen of an entire nation. She cared for her people, she loved deeply and she conquered. But even Queen's don't live forever - at some point, their life must come to a tragic end. And Arabella was no exception. 

       Her life came to a quick and painful end, but it was far from over. Queen's don't live forever, but monsters do. And when she rose again, she was no longer the kind ruler she had once been. She had changed for the worst, becoming a notorious villain that went by the identity of Frostbite.

       She caused havoc in Gotham City for years, until she was captured and taken to prison. But that wasn't the end of her story but the beginning of it.

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