Sans And Gaster!Sans X Shapeshifter Reader (BEING REWRITTEN)

Sans And Gaster!Sans X Shapeshifter Reader (BEING REWRITTEN)

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Senpie #1 By Dancer_Frisk Updated Nov 10

Author: I wanna do something I haven't seen before. Hmmm... what about one where two people like the reader! And the reader can shapeshift! I haven't seen a shapeshifter reader anywhere yet so I'm gonna give it a go!

Now for the actual description.
You were changed in an experiment by your dad. Now you can shapeshift but something happened and now all the normal humans are after you. You decide to jump into the hole in mt Ebott.

Thats all I can think of to put in the description for now. Have a great day you beauties.

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Im guessing that Flowey was glaring coz da reader fell on top of Flowey XD
*reads "I zone back to reality and trip over something"* 
                              *sings randomly*
                              "And now I've faaallen and I caaant get up!"
Okay, I'll have my bleach, weed killer, and the lemons ready for when you come back