Garden of Thorns: Black Butler x Reader

Garden of Thorns: Black Butler x Reader

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The Reader Insert Fanatic By JWPickleTickle Updated May 27, 2017

You don't remember your past too well, but it was probably a living hell if you committed suicide. Unexpectedly, though, you're revived as a grim reaper. Your coworker introduces you to the Earl of Phantomhive and others. After agreeing to help the earl with a case, your friendships deepen greatly, but you find that everyone wants to be more than just friends with you.

This is a fanfiction of the Black Butler (aka Kuroshitsuji) franchise. I'm sorry to say characters ONLY making an appearance in the anime will not be involved. It will, however, include characters from Yana Toboso's manga. As a giant fan of the manga, I'm always upset to find most reader inserts involving the overrated season II characters. So then I thought,"I can't be the only one, right?" and decided to make one of my own!

Please give me feedback! I love feedback ^_^ ...and recommend this to others. I love that even more than feedback!! XD

I plan on updating one chapter at least every two weeks. I try very hard to perfect my grammar, and I thrive to make my chapters a decent length (1,800 words at a minimum). If you just skip the plot and character development, you probably won't like this book.

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randomfangirl123 randomfangirl123 Aug 24, 2016
This chappie was amazing, can't wait for the next one! -Krystal
randomfangirl123 randomfangirl123 Aug 25, 2016
10! I can't seem to find very many Black Butler stories that I like