Corrupted Royalty: A SetoSorcerer Story

Corrupted Royalty: A SetoSorcerer Story

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Prince Seto is the only living wizard known to be left. This makes him as threat to the Eritai Kingdom, Dusaro Kingdom, and the Elidin Kingdom. He was born into a mortal family, royalty. But he never wanted a crown like his sister, Princess Rivatha, did. He wanted explore his magic in more depth. And with the help of his familiar, Amarisa, they do exactly that. 

After fleeing Psyra, Seto finds a whole new world. A world he was suppose to be born into but was taken away from him. He finds out that magic is going to die, and if magic dies, then wizards die. Jackson, Mason, Amelia, and him are doing exactly that. But Seto finds twists and turns to the mysterious disappearance to the arcane wizards. Arcane wizards are the top dogs, without them nothing can work. Without the arcane wizards, the islands that held magic types together have fallen and only an arcane wizard can start the arcane island, which is the main island. 

But their time is running out, the era of magic is coming to an end and only Seto and his new friends and Amarisa can save magic. But will it be enough?

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I didn't do dis test thingy, but if I did, I'm pretty sure I would land here, Psyra, or even in Dusaro...