Her Boss ✔

Her Boss ✔

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LostInReading921 By LostInReading921 Updated Jul 02, 2017

❝What is this?!❞ he asked. 
   ❝C-coffee Sir,❞ I whispered 
  ❝Only one teaspoon of sugar! I told you this,  pathetic. Can't you even make me some simple coffee? What did I HIRE in my company?! And next time speak up when I ask a question! ❞ He barked. 
                Olivia Eves is a 24 years old who lived in Foster Care ever since her parents died at age 11 until age 21 when she got kicked out of the foster system. Now living on her own and works for the one and only, Mr.Evans. The most ruthless, careless boss she ever had. But has to deal with him unless she wants to live on the streets knowing her poor self can't afford anything without a stable job in Evans Consolidated. 
                Mathew Evans is a 26 years old Billionaire. Youngest business man ever but not only the youngest but the smartest and careless one. He's smart when it comes to his company, but unfortunately, when it comes to women he's not the brightest. Love? is a joke to him. Caring? also a joke. What's on the youngest billionaire mind is his company only. 
Can Ms.Eves handle Mr.Evans and his arrogant self? 
Would Mr.Evans tolerant Ms.Eves? 

~Uncompleted. Would have editing mistakes.~

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-diabolos -diabolos Jan 27
This story is so good , idk why people here did not vote or comment 💚
Mfonemana Mfonemana Apr 16
U know author,  u are not consistent... Someone who can not paint her wall can not afford a warm shower.....
BeaB1020 BeaB1020 Nov 06, 2017
I am liking your story already. I can't wait until they meet!
RhondaRowland2 RhondaRowland2 Jun 05, 2017
Liking your story so far and it will get better the more you write about it on each chapter.
OilviaW OilviaW Jan 21
This story is pretty good and very interesting to read ,..I love it