She Likes Them Chocolate (Laurmani)

She Likes Them Chocolate (Laurmani)

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GiftofOneLiners By GiftofOneLiners Updated 3 days ago

Lauren Jauregui loves chocolate; some would say shes obsessed. She has to have the delicacy for breakfast, lunch, dinner and for a snack. However, her love of chocolate doesn't stop there. 

All of her exes but she's got one major problem.

The girl she likes, Normani, isn't feeling her. 

Can Lauren finally get Normani or would she have to settle this time?

black_dad black_dad Jan 09
Wait what have canola or Dinah said that is racist I need receipts
Laurens_hoe Laurens_hoe 6 days ago
Bc you can never say the right words in worth it... How do you expect to get laid if you can't even say "I like it a little rough" 😒
Now u can't even say u wouldn't try to stay in that class 😂 she is mighty fine 😩
Tobin_H Tobin_H Dec 17, 2016
"It will be the first suicide run that actually ends in a suicide."
killa_jass killa_jass Nov 26, 2016
Frick that shii if she shaking her chimichangas like she did on bring it on, I would be gay for lyfe (even though I'm straight as a flag pole), I'm straight but like Lauren said. "Girls could be more hotter than guys"