She Likes Them Chocolate (Laurmani)

She Likes Them Chocolate (Laurmani)

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GiftofOneLiners By GiftofOneLiners Updated 3 days ago

Lauren Jauregui loves chocolate; some would say shes obsessed. She has to have the delicacy for breakfast, lunch, dinner and for a snack. However, her love of chocolate doesn't stop there. 

All of her exes but she's got one major problem.

The girl she likes, Normani, isn't feeling her. 

Can Lauren finally get Normani or would she have to settle this time?

Itsokk15 Itsokk15 Oct 22
That's what I said when I first saw her outfit for the tour. Let's talk about legs shall we
Bish I love normila and all but leave cause this is laurmani
_Neke123 _Neke123 Dec 03
What raven is this? "I know this isn't ms. I'm from every continent in africa"
Rise bishes .......even though I love norminah........ I love them all ships except camren (No offense, I ship them as friends) but not as much as norminah
AdrianK535 AdrianK535 Nov 22
Oh wow Caminah never happens in Laurmani stories. Rise I guess
DaddyDei DaddyDei Nov 02
I'm dead ass in love with your choice of characters. Biiiih.