She Likes Them Chocolate (Laurmani) - #Wattys2017

She Likes Them Chocolate (Laurmani) - #Wattys2017

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GiftofOneLiners By GiftofOneLiners Updated 3 days ago

Lauren Jauregui loves chocolate; some would say shes obsessed. She has to have the delicacy for breakfast, lunch, dinner and for a snack. However, her love of chocolate doesn't stop there. 

All of her exes but she's got one major problem.

The girl she likes, Normani, isn't feeling her. 

Can Lauren finally get Normani or would she have to settle this time?

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Dinahvaginajane Dinahvaginajane Sep 30, 2017
I wouldn’t call it a fetish or obsession a lot of people are like this me personally wouldn’t date a girl that’s not black.
lernjauregs96 lernjauregs96 Sep 06, 2017
And this is another reason I quit basketball. I do enough running during soccer😂
GiftofOneLiners GiftofOneLiners Oct 07, 2017
Hey old me, it’s new me, and they love it— keep going, me - love me
derpy_awesomeness derpy_awesomeness Sep 15, 2017
I wish I could eat that much chocolate and get away with it smh
XxPiNk_gLoCkZxX XxPiNk_gLoCkZxX Dec 06, 2017
If its anywhere in florida it not racist girl. Especially Orlando, you'll all those biracial kids over there. Im not the only one who've been there right? Seeing all those mixed kids
Dinahvaginajane Dinahvaginajane Sep 30, 2017
I hate when we’re running suicides and my coach says “your going to run until I get tired” then sits down 🙄.