The Girl They Judged | ongoing

The Girl They Judged | ongoing

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❝ she was judged, so she left, but when she came back as a changed person she realised, that you will always be judged no matter what. ❞

Vanessa was a girl who got bullied for weighing a few pounds more, she had enough of the sick twisted games people played with her. So she left town with her best friend Jelissa and got a makeover.

Once Vanessa returned, she was unrecognisable. She wanted to get revenge on those who bullied her, she wanted them to realise that hurting others doesn't make their own pain fade away. However Vanessa didn't realise that in order to get revenge there were obstacles, people who would lie and manipulate others.


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She's from pll and watching pll. I almost made a character from my book meet Selena Gomez as Selena Gomez
MaggieMags4 MaggieMags4 9 hours ago
WTF! Why did you twist the plot *whines* I read this book months ago and Tyler wasn't ashamed of Vanessa. But don't get me wrong, I love the new version and I'm gonna follow it.
infinitea_x infinitea_x Aug 02
if running means tripping over yourself every three steps you walk then yeah i can run in heals aswell
I know but I'm Still trying to find one and well bad luck loves me
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I've just started reading it and was wondering how often you update?