The Girl They Judged

The Girl They Judged

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Vanessa was just the girl they judged. She was the one who got bullied. She was the one who got anything living inside her ripped out piece by piece. All she wanted was peace. 

She got a makeover. She lost weight, she dropped the baggy clothes. She came back for revenge and she's not going to be satisfied if she doesn't get her revenge. 

She's hit with a ton of drama. The one with three bimbos who despise her. The one where there's a bad boy. However she doesn't only meet the Badboy but his best friend as well. 

The one where she gets a hot  fake Boyfriend. The one where she falls for someone. Lastly the drama where she gets her revenge. 

Join Vanessa In this twisted and brutal story. 


The first 14 chapters of this book are cliché. 

Chapter 15 is where she has enough and she decides to go back to what she came for. 

She didn't come here for love but she came here for revenge.


|Cover by Martaxsofia|

Some Punctuation and grammar mistakes so bare with me. 

I'll go through the whole book and edit it when I complete it. 

For now its not edited.

Book based on Revenge and Love. 

|Highest ranking in teen fiction #30|


Well I may be ugly but you'll be the one cleaning my big house "bit.tch" 🙂
firstsis firstsis 3 days ago
Those hoes r nothing but plastic and jealous cause she's pretty and don't need plastic surgery.
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There are five people in the world who are ugly you're 4 of them
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I have a twin sister. Pretty sure that's not the same at all
Good roast but did 😕you did a plastic surgery because if you did one imma rethink of doing one😑😑😒
sadeb1 sadeb1 Nov 29
Every best friend in wattpad....... Ever
                              Then she turns out to be a manipulative bitch