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welcome to the 60s .joshler.

welcome to the 60s .joshler.

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ya-ya By semidun Updated Dec 25, 2016

"that's nonsense! you could never like a boy!"

FuckMeBeebo FuckMeBeebo 2 days ago
I am so excited for this but I'm getting a little Twist And Shout vibe which scares me XD
i am gonna tell you that i love old slang and this just makes me really happy
Fûck I really wished that I could live in the 60's greasers and all that shît omg 😩👌🏼
JTheSadjpeg JTheSadjpeg Feb 15
i keep reading these in a slight southern accent and it's making me smile
JTheSadjpeg JTheSadjpeg Feb 15
i'm excited because i'm a slut for ffs thrown into a different era. also, the sixties were the glory days. despite all of the conflicts, the good always outweighed the bad.
JTheSadjpeg JTheSadjpeg Feb 15
old slang just makes me so happy, and to be real about things, i use it all of the time.