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Behind the guitar

Behind the guitar

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Jake By Oceanic_Sydney Updated Mar 13

Meet Lucy Heartfilia. Musical child prodigy and baby genius. She's a kind and giving person with charisma that's out of this world but, 

She's mute. 

She hasn't talked since the incident and gets bullied because of that. But, even so, she doesn't let them get to her and holds her head high. Everytime she'd step on stage she'd think to herself, 

"I'll bet all the kids at school who bully people like me, who criticize the powerless and who insult the wounded, never knew that one of the people they step on regularly, is a pop-star in desguise." 

That's right, Lucy's a teen pop sensation all around the globe. But, they don't know that. No one knows. She wears a mask everytime she performs. She's been asked for more times than she can count to take it off and show the world, to let the whole world know who she is. But she'd just laugh and say, 

"Now, where's the fun in that?" 

As Lucy's career takes off, a boy from her painful past slips his way back into her life. She finds herself getting more than she bargained for and falls deeply in love with him. 
But, what happens when Lucy finds out someone's after her, and her secret has been unraveled? Who will she go to? Who will she trust?

Join Fairy Tail's main characters as they venture through the wonders of fame and romance. 

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters. Just the story

iamflour iamflour Mar 31
O-oh my god. I have to get everything above B's. If I get anything lower than that, study study study study and more studying.
diesaz diesaz 6 days ago
Me when my twin "accidentally" pushed me towards my friend who is a boy.....😑
Jinxxlove Jinxxlove Apr 01
Wait so she's you're friend cause she likes you're voice? Seems veeerrrryyy suspicious......ok I'm done.
Brother: violen 
                              Sister: trumpet 
                              Grandpa: tuba 
                              Uncle: clainet 
                              Cousin 1: violen and guitar 
                              Cousin 2: guitar 
                              Cousin 3: learning guitar 
                              Freind 1: alto saxophone 
                              Freind 2: French horn switching back to trumpet 
                              Freind 3: clarinet 
                              Me: clarinet.
Nicole0781 Nicole0781 Feb 12
Well.. thank the lord I'm not Jude's daughter or I'll be good as dead