Albus Not Again!

Albus Not Again!

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A next generation time travel story. Warning this book takes place after the events in Cursed Child. 

Albus Potter is about to embark on his fifth year in Hogwarts with his best friend Scorpius Malfoy. After messing around with a time turner and causing so much trouble, the two vow to never go near one again. 

But what happens when  Albus tries to go back five minutes in time to undo one small mistake and accidentally sends his whole family back in time 27 years ago?

You don't need to have read Cursed Child to understand the book, I'll just be referencing it every now and then.

I can barely find things in my purse now! That would be a curse!
nealieissquealie nealieissquealie Nov 16, 2016
language sitter, you don't want to be fired for influencing the Potter and Weasley children
Thank goodness! I thought I had to read the Cursed Child first! Didn't have the money you know?
Yet you act like a five year old whose mum won't let him eat cookies before dinner.