Hetalia One-Shots (Seme!Male!Reader)

Hetalia One-Shots (Seme!Male!Reader)

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VanyaErdell By VanyaErdell Updated 4 days ago

Mostly Seme!Male!Reader x Uke!Hetalia!Character.

Requests are most welcome! 
I just have to know the Character you want and the kind of One Shot (Fluff, Kinky or no sex at all? etc.) 
Maybe you even have a wish what the reader should be like! (Shy, introverted, goofy etc.)
Don't be shy, I will consider all of your wishes and contact you if I'll write it!

I don't do Uke!Reader, so please don't ask that of me... :D

EricValdins EricValdins Oct 23, 2016
Danke! Make another, Bitte??? (still new on the german thing) but this time, maybe a bit rougher, maybe......a whip? And a certain big bruder to join in?
BetwnAllTheFangirls BetwnAllTheFangirls Oct 02, 2016
I loved this, great job! (Und das Lied ist echt gut, danke für den Ohrwurm XD)
AeliCub AeliCub Nov 28, 2016
Lol, why does Reader-kun sort of remind me of Gamzee Makara?
xlienfxce xlienfxce Oct 11, 2016
I loved this! mainly because i am completely in love with circuses and the music was perfect.