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Slayer Academy (Book 1)

Slayer Academy (Book 1)

10.7K Reads 576 Votes 30 Part Story
Corgi_Planthead By Corgi_Planthead Completed

Slayer Academy. The top magic school in the nation for training Slayers, humans given the ability to slay the many beasts scattered throughout the land.  For most Slayers, the school is a way to get stronger. For others, it's a way to acquire knowledge. But for incoming student Kiro Mystwalker, it's nothing more than another step on the staircase. After all, he's an elite even among the Slayer community . . .

Unicorn_Demon_Otaku Unicorn_Demon_Otaku Aug 20, 2016
If you don't add Eva in this story I will find you and kill you Kiro XD
silverblossomheart silverblossomheart Aug 21, 2016
If you want any illustrations for the chapters, feel free to ask me, I legit have nothing to do besides draw random things and Skype all day
zacagewea zacagewea Sep 15, 2016
I'm having a hard time picturing the setting, is it like a modern town?
silverblossomheart silverblossomheart Oct 10, 2016
OH, WAS THE ANIMAL HE HIT WITH THE ALARM CLOCK AN ASS???? WHAT WOULD A DONKEY BE DOING IN THE WOODS, I'm just rereading the whole story because I am fridkcin bored
dance_it_up dance_it_up Aug 21, 2016
The ending sounds about right lol.... I'm renee from quizup the one with Sarah fyi..
bluebottle3 bluebottle3 Sep 14, 2016
Hahaha, this is funny. I love the line about his hair being all over the place and then you saying well not all over cause that would be a horrible way to start the day. Classic!