Thorns & Rosé (on hold)

Thorns & Rosé (on hold)

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Lystra By lystrandra Updated Nov 24, 2016

Rosé Moon prides herself with her sense of normalcy. Growing up with a single mother who happens to be a successful fashion designer, being the spotlight is the last thing she wants. Bouncing around schools, nannies, and countries multiple times a year or less, Rosé becomes tired of traveling. She decides to settle down as an emancipated minor to attend university. With her mother's frequent visits and her dog, Rosé lives a pleasant and normal life. 

Her life goes blissfully until her twin sister comes knocking on the door and bleeding from a bullet wound. 

For the past nineteen years of her life, Rosé Moon has only known of one living relative: her mother. Staring at the unconscious girl with the same face as her, she has no other choice than believe the girl on the floor is her twin sister. 

Rosé's bubble is popped and she's thrown into a dangerous world without a second to prepare. Instead of paparazzi throwing themselves at her, Rosé must dodge bullets and knives thrown at her.

Tica-Lala Tica-Lala Aug 27, 2016
Okay so author, is that what you're studying in college?
                              Or no?
foxxi9974 foxxi9974 Aug 29, 2016
This is amazing! I love the way you describe the dog! And the personality of Róse is brilliant!
Tica-Lala Tica-Lala Aug 27, 2016
I hate everyone who wakes me up, the only thing that should wake me up is my alarm clock because I get to slam it at the wall.😘
Cashtonwuv Cashtonwuv Aug 26, 2016
To be honest i feel as this story has such a good starting point. This has a potential but i feel as if i need more info of what they looked like were they Italian, Australian, etc. So describing the charters would be a lot better because i couldn't picture them. But this is a good first chapter
Cashtonwuv Cashtonwuv Aug 26, 2016
I know someone named kai... sometimes i call him kai-u. I hate Kai-u you get where am going here
Sushi_Monster_123 Sushi_Monster_123 Oct 29, 2016
Oh evert Hong is just divine and there is two dead men of da flooooorrrrrr