Who Am I

Who Am I

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Jessica By vampirefreak Updated Jan 26, 2012

What happens when good girls go bad?  The unthinkable. 

       Honor student , responsible , worker  are three words to describe me. I'm 18 years old in my senior year of high school , I have never smoked , or done drugs and haven't been to one party . Ask anyone about me and they will say that I'm a goody two shoes , goes by the rules no matter how strict and I always do my homework , and its never in late. 
     It's crazy how one person could change you completely , almost into someone you don't even remember.
     My best friend since middle school , Kate , decides to take me to a party ,  I don't even know what I'm doing there, I know I don't belong here. Theres people hooking up everywhere, to escape from these wild , sexcrazed people I want to go somewhere safe , I seek outside and there he is. The guy who makes my heart skips a beat , my palms are shaking , i just stand there starring at Sam . I could agree to everything and anything with him.. and thats what happens. When i wake up the next morning , I'm not in my bed , I'm not home  .  I'm  in a cheap run down hotel , the guy I'm in love with , Sam  is lying right beside me , shirtless , I don't dare to look under the cover , then I think to myself what  the hell did I do last night ?! 

    Ashley has always done whats she told , never argued. Honor student , hard worker . Hasn't hooked up with anyone , hasn't had a boyfriend. When one night happens , one big party that her friend begs her to go to, the only night she lets go ,  lets go of her worries , goes with everything anyone says , her world goes upside down. the next day shes not home , not in her bed . Then the question is what did she do last night ?

BadmintonGurl BadmintonGurl Jan 28, 2011
No I mean using the name Sam Smith and using someone british lol
vampirefreak vampirefreak Jan 28, 2011
@BadmintonGurl Sam smith is not brittish Katie is , and yes.. yes it it :)
BadmintonGurl BadmintonGurl Jan 28, 2011
I can't believe i'm only getting around to reading this now, but it is awesome Jess. Keep up the good writing. Oh, and one more thing. Sam Smith? British? Wow, this really is your work. Ahahahaha.
vampirefreak vampirefreak Jan 07, 2011
ahahha i know , as soon as i saw it i canged it :P , i cant believe i spelled my name wrong and thanks :)
BadmintonGurl BadmintonGurl Jan 03, 2011
@vampirefreak Well then, upload soon ahaha, did i mention she sounds like me? You know, before the whole insedent.