My Not So One Night Stand [#wattys2017]

My Not So One Night Stand [#wattys2017]

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Meet twenty three-year-old Maya Crofton; a recent graduate with a Business degree and welcome to her mundane life.

Having being single for almost a year, Maya has given up on finding a man and gone are the days of sexy underwear and shaven legs.

That is until she unintentionally has a drunken one night stand with her childhood best friend; Luke Anderson.

He introduces her to a whole new world of delicious pleasures and maybe, just maybe she will find something more...

Lol do my stories have too much smut? SOMEONE TELL MEEEE😂😭
Dude, I've known birds and the bees as long as I remember. I read too much books. 😂😂😂
14 but Turing 15 next month.... damn it feels good to be a gangster😂😂😂😂💀
Affropuff05 Affropuff05 5 days ago
This won't affect me losing my innocence because I already lost it. I'm totally savage. Note the sarcasm.
This is going to be my second time reading this in one day 😂😂😂
maincard maincard 6 days ago
Hey guys, I just published a new romance story. It would be great if anyone could go check it out. It is called 'We shook the world.'