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The Future Before Me

The Future Before Me

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Sage (nickname) By ToXiC_SiCkNeSs Updated Mar 15

"This is why I love you." He smiled, his eyes staring down at me. 
        I felt my cheeks  heat up. "I thought you were too cool?" I teased him. 
        He chuckled, and as he leaned back in his chair, he combed his fingers through his dark brown hair. He sipped on his coffee before replying, "Just let me be romantic, will you?" His eyes filled with amusement.
        I smiled into my cup and nodded, watching him take my hand and place a kiss. 
        She wasn't such a smart girl that she got 90% in every test, just an average 80%. She wasn't so athletic, but it didn't mean she didn't love to dance. She was an ordinary looking girl, but it didn't mean she looked bad.
        Harmony Gem Carson was entering her senior year in high school with hopes and dreams of getting good grades to impress her parents. For the first time she was stressing over school and what her future will turn out to be. She wanted to enjoy her last year at Pearson High. 
        With new neighbours, broken friendships, coffee stores and book nerds, how will Harmony's future turn out to be?

LynnieThePoohBear LynnieThePoohBear Aug 27, 2016
And another nice name lol! Does she sing in a HARMONIOUS voice? (Sorry I'll see myself out now)
LynnieThePoohBear LynnieThePoohBear Aug 27, 2016
Very nice so far! Can't wait to see where this budding friendship goes haha
LynnieThePoohBear LynnieThePoohBear Aug 27, 2016
Just personal preference I guess but to keep the flow going, I would change the order of the sentence where the when I looked is at the beginning, followed by a comma and the I noticed and then the rest.
cinziax18 cinziax18 Aug 21, 2016
WOW! This is soooo good!It is also so different rom theatre teen fiction books hat makes it just all the more interesting! If you had time it would mean a lot to me if yo could also check out my book called, 'Crashing iNto you." IF you could it would mean so much to me. Thank you! And update soon!
LynnieThePoohBear LynnieThePoohBear Aug 27, 2016
Same!! I like him already- willing to admit that mistake lol
soliques soliques Sep 09, 2016
omg. This is relatable lol.
                              Especially with the hair-tie and sister part. ;)