Black and White (Chess!Tale Sans x Abused!Reader

Black and White (Chess!Tale Sans x Abused!Reader

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U.H.P.CP By Nightblight24 Completed

It's been 2 years sense monsters where freed from the underground. Your mother died which made your father hate monsters for some odd reason. Maybe because she died by the hands of a monster. You didn't mind them though, you thought they are kinda cool.

the art on the cover is by tardyprincess

I don't own the Sanses! They belong to they're original owners!

You're Reader~Chan!~

guess what James?
                              I AM A BÎTCH AND IM FÛCKING FABULOUS!
Kai_the_DJ Kai_the_DJ Dec 21, 2016
Kai(Me): I'm gonna go home what do ya expect?!
                              Kyla: I'm gonna get a bat and whack the living soul out of you three. NOBODY. HURTS. MY. FRIEND. 😠
                              Kristine: *whispering* girlfriend 😏 *almost gets hit by a bat but dodges* woah! 😲
Kai_the_DJ Kai_the_DJ Dec 21, 2016
Cats... But for some reason mine likes to lick the butter or cheese that gets on my cheek when I eat something
SANSationalWriter SANSationalWriter Dec 11, 2016
So close your eyes, remember my embrace! This do I swear, I will be there! :3 what I think of when I see, or hear, or write, or speak the word embrace... :/
i was in chess club for a while but then i stopped going i do that with pretty much all the clubs i join :|
SeaJewel43 SeaJewel43 Dec 22, 2016
First thought to a abused girl. I wonder if she likes chess. What.....