The Eternal Sinning Of A Fangirl's Mind

The Eternal Sinning Of A Fangirl's Mind

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now with more husbands!

always with the husbands, Queen, God dammit 

Anyway, *Dan voice* HELLOOOOOOOOOO~!

I'm sure no one really reads these so I don't know why I put so much effort into them but uh

Let's just remind everyone once again that if you haven't read any of the older books you're probably going to be really confused 

I'll explain more in the first chapter just hakuna your tatas

Arthur? Who what when where how WHO ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT IS IT MY SON
I'm a terrible person how'd I never realize this was published I'm so freakin sorry nyEh
Shadana Shadana Aug 21
here lies Shadz, she punched bítches and díed a hoe
                              she leaves behind her katana, 500 selfies, and wishes to be buried with her money because "lmao you wish"
BL!Dani: Oh lordy
                              SW!Dani: That is the look of nIGHTMARES.
                              (*refering to HJ!Rylo* )
Nice joke! I saw mecree and markiplier, and pokeman so I had to check this out!
                              //whispers// i did this to all of you i'm sorry