Kitten. [ A Joker/Jared Leto Fanfiction]

Kitten. [ A Joker/Jared Leto Fanfiction]

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"Do your friends call you Kat or Kitty for short?"

"Haha... I-I don't have any friends"

"Well, Kitty, you got one now"

Kathy Dixon is a psychiatrist at the Arkham Asylum, when little, she had a Psychosis disorder and still gets treated for signs and symptoms. Throughout her life of loneliness, her obsession with cats, and going to the gymnasium and boxing ring after work for fun, one of her new patients, the infamous Joker, wants to be her friend and take her in, Kathy instantly falls in love with him and helps him escape, but what will happen when she finds out that she was being used?

Will the Joker fall for her and take her along his journey, or get rid of her to get her out of the way?

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KaylynGuerra KaylynGuerra May 15, 2017
MinYoongisWhore MinYoongisWhore Dec 01, 2017
I feel really bad for her, because she is mentally ill, and she’s never been shown much love or kindness, so it’s normal for her to trust and fall for him right away
MinYoongisWhore MinYoongisWhore Dec 01, 2017
Why am I reading this when I’m not attracted to him 😂 or the joker 😂 and I never read these stories anymore, bc I’m aLL about Asian men 😂
bandlover7575 bandlover7575 5 days ago
It’s gonna be an obsession turned into love I can feel it already
KaylynGuerra KaylynGuerra May 15, 2017
Lmfao His face😂😂😂srry couldn't hold it back and do you guys even know that he has a band he was famous before suicide squad i know this because im a huge fan of 30 seconds to mars.
hourseland13 hourseland13 Mar 27, 2017
That moment when you have your music on shuffle and heathens by 21 pilots is playing...... well that is either a massive coincidence or I'm in a horror movie and am gonna die