(Being rewritten) Teacher's Pet | S/T Novel

(Being rewritten) Teacher's Pet | S/T Novel

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anaraylyn By AnaRaylyn Updated Jul 11

*edited versions of teacher's pet and the sequel will be published soon*

Teachers Pet - DEFINITION; 1: a pupil who has won the teacher's special favor. 2: a person who is treated as a favorite by one in authority.

 With failing grades, a mothers love slipping away and her graduation at risk, Miranda winters end up facing a decision that will improve her grades but if caught strict punishment will unveil. she must do what she thought she would never stoop so low to go but at a desperate time and needs that ought to be fulfilled, she knew what she had to do. 
When suspicions arise and tangle web of lies get released, the truth will finally get told. 

Cover made by: @Sparkes
Made in 2013
rewritten in 2018

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