Like never before [ Nct Haechan ]

Like never before [ Nct Haechan ]

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Haechankawaii By Haechankawaii Updated Dec 18, 2016

"Look me in the eyes!"

"I can't! After everything you did!"

Everything changed at that night. I discovered the truth behind his mask full of smiles and laugher. How could I be this naive? Trusting him so easily.

My tears mixed with the rain and everything flashed in front of my eyes. It's all my fault! 

"Just hear me out!"

I didn't want to listen to his voice anymore. I just want everything to stop!


Amazing cover by @heosori

jaeminmylove jaeminmylove Sep 19, 2016
The little nugget(sorry lately I've been using that word to insult people)
kyungshnavi kyungshnavi Nov 06, 2016
This is so cute
                              But if i was her he would be a dead man by now
Holy_bts Holy_bts Sep 17, 2016
Can I get your number? Can I get your name?~~~ shinee references no? Ok
jaeminmylove jaeminmylove Sep 19, 2016
I'm liking it so far it's nice to finally find a good haechan fan fiction